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Tallmadge City Schools

New Athletic Complex

Project Details

The design for this locally funded new construction began in 2017. The new athletic complex includes football, soccer, baseball and softball fields, as well as practice fields, an eight-lane all-weather track, bleachers (2,500 home seats and 1,500 away seats), and scoreboards and press boxes on both sides. There are also four poles of field lighting for football/soccer and a 3,000 square foot concessions and restrooms building. This is all directly behind the 9,000 square foot field house building. The field house holds offices, home/away locker rooms and offensive/defensive learning rooms. The fans enter through the entry plaza gateway to purchase tickets. The area also features memorial displays. Ample parking was designed to hold the max capacity of fans.





Tallmadge, OH




12,000 SF

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