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Village of Galena Wastewater
Treatment Plant

New Construction

Project Details





Galena, OH


5,500 SF

The Village of Galena Wastewater Treatment Plant was a Design-Build project to replace the Village's existing end of life Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project features a new 5,500 square foot building and outdoor process space. A new service and electrical infrastructure including emergency power was brought to the site to accommodate the new process equipment and backfeed the existing services. Lighting, receptacles, controls systems, and process equipment power were all major components of the electrical design. HVAC and plumbing systems were installed to support the indoor process spaces.  The site also contained several classified hazardous areas that required special attention during the design and construction process. A highlight of the project is the active water wheel that sits at the plant effluent which is a throwback to the community's historical roots.

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