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HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning designs seek to provide thermal comfort, acceptable indoor air quality, reasonable installation and maintenance costs, and efficient operation. In addition to facility temperature control, HVAC systems enable ventilation, reduce air infiltration, and maintain pressure relationships between spaces. HVAC design is based on the basic principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.


Plumbing Systems

Our firm assembles detailed drawings and specifications for domestic water, high purity water, sanitary, acid waste, storm piping, grease interceptors and oil interceptors. Designs of safe and reliable medical air, medical vacuums, oxygen and other medical gas systems as well as piping for healthcare facilities are also areas of focus in our practice.


Fire Protection

Knowledge of the Owner's requirements as well as the requirements of the Owner's insurance underwriter is necessary for the design of fire protection systems for a facility. Coordination with the local fire and water departments is also an important step in the design process.


Electrical Power Distribution

Design of power distribution systems requires an appreciation of a facility’s unique requirements and opportunities. An understanding of a facility’s function, with respect to the present needs, reliability, flexibility and long-term growth is fundamental to developing the appropriate design of a power distribution system.


Lighting Systems

Lighting systems design has changed dramatically in recent years. Today’s designs offer a wide variety of options and can include the integration of light fixture drivers, dimming flexibility, sophisticated controls, and adherence to energy code applications by state and local jurisdictions.


Communications, Security,
& Alarm Systems

Communication & security design encompasses a wide array of systems including traditional voice, VOIP, data (fiber & copper), intercom, paging, music, nurse call, MATV, network video systems (NVS), card access, and security. Current technology, flexibility for future expansion, construction budget, and maintainability or ongoing costs are important considerations to the design of these systems.

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Engineering Surveys & Studies

Today’s high reliability or mission critical facilities need accurate & thorough documentation of infrastructure systems. This information can be a valuable tool for the effective facility operation, maintenance, and responsible planning. We have assembled & continue to maintain master documents for Electrical Distribution, Voice/Data, Fire Alarm, HVAC Fire/Smoke Damper, AHU System Coverage, and Medical Gas Systems for many of our clients. Production & upkeep of these documents require close record keeping & field investigations.

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