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Public Utilities

PTA Engineering is experienced in repairing, maintaining and building structures that control water resources. Our goal is the provision of clean water, the disposal of wastewater/sewage and the prevention of flood damage. This is to ensure the safe delivery of water for irrigation and human consumption, as well as the effective removal or recycling of wastewater. Through design and oversight of construction and maintenance, PTA delivers solution options that reflect owner and operator input, while meeting advanced project standards.

  • Akron Water Plant

  • City of Akron

  • City of Canton

  • City of Columbus

  • City of Cuyahoga Falls

  • City of Kent

  • City of Norton

  • Cuyahoga County

  • Miles Road Pump Station

  • Moreland Allotment Pump Station

  • Muskingham Watershed Conservancy

  • Portage County

  • Summit County Department of Environmental Services

  • Trumbull County

Hover over the photos below to see some of our work by name. Click on the photo to see details of that project.

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