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Healthcare facilities require a thoughtful approach to balance long-term flexibility with current needs and budgets. Today’s healthcare facilities are complex and critical assets to the communities they serve. The PTA Engineering team is well-versed with local and state codes, including requirements for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the U.S. Public Health Service. With experience in a variety of institutional programs, from neonatal care to skilled nursing/palliative care, we strive to be an asset to the medical facility and the design team.

  • Akron Children's Hospital

  • Cleveland Clinic Hospitals

  • Mercy Medical Center

  • MetroHealth System

  • Southwest General Medical Centers

  • Summa Health Centers

  • University Hospitals Medical Centers

  • Western Reserve Hospital

Hover over the photos below to see some of our work by name. Click on the photo to see details of that project.

Yasaki-Barberton COE 04.jpg


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