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Akron Water Supply

VFD Installation

Project Details

This infrastructure upgrade project replaced three motor control centers with two new 4160 volt variable frequency drives (VFDs).  The VFDs can synchronize and transfer the running motor to bypass allowing the VFD to start another motor.  The bypass switchgear was designed to allow up to three motors to be started on each VFD.  This installation provides N+1 pumping redundancy for the facility.


To maintain critical operations, the VFDs and associated switchgear were installed in a new.  This allowed the VFD installation to be completed and tested before cutting over the critical loads.


The new VFDs were integrated into the existing GE iFix SCADA system to allow remote control and monitoring including temperature, vibration, flow and water level from the existing four 1250 HP and two 700 HP motors and pumps.




Akron, OH

Public Utilities

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