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Charles Mill

New Construction & Renovation

Project Details

This project included new construction of a wastewater treatment plant, wastewater pumping station, grinder pumping station and water tower, as well as a complete renovation of an existing water treatment plant building. The scope of the project was to install the infrastructure necessary to support the water and wastewater needs of 457 campsites and various other support buildings. The initial phase of the project included the infrastructure work and bringing the water and wastewater services to 78 campsites and 2 shower buildings. New electrical services were needed for all of the new construction areas, and close coordination with the owner and local electrical utility company was performed by PTA. The need for generator power at the different process locations was evaluated and provided as necessary. The wastewater treatment plant was designed to include a standby emergency generator to support plant operations during a utility outage, and all other locations were provided with provisions for temporary generator hookup.




Mansfield, OH


Parks & Recreation

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