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North Canton Public Library

HVAC & Roof Replacement

Project Details

This project involved the replacement of multi-zone indoor air handling units and an air cooled chiller system with new rooftop units and DX split systems. An upgraded building control system and replacement gas fired boilers were also included in the project due to equipment age and recent performance issues. Three new rooftop units were installed in lieu of interior AHU replacements for ease of installation and to provide improved maintenance access due to the tight constraints of the mechanical spaces. Smaller split system air handlers with DX condensing units serve the more remote areas of the building due to architectural restrictions. All the new systems utilized the existing ductwork throughout the facility to minimize the required work in the occupied library space.   

In parallel with the HVAC system upgrades the facility roof and exterior façade was replaced and repaired. The roof and façade design was completed by a separately contracted consultant. PTA along with the HVAC and roofing contractors coordinated the scheduling of the project to ensure a smooth workflow for all of the parties involved. Also, the HVAC, roofing, and façade work was completed in a manner to maintain building occupancy throughout the project.





North Canton, OH




24,500 SF

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