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Portage County Shalersville

Dehumidification Upgrade

Project Details




Shalersville, OH

Public Utilities

This infrastructure upgrade project included an initial Phase 1 study of the existing water treatment plant's dehumidification systems. PTA studied reference drawings, performed fieldwork, measured humidity levels in the space and performed detailed dehumidification load calculations to develop three options for Portage County’s review and consideration. Cost estimates were developed for each option. PTA recommended that Portage County install a new desiccant gas burner reactivation dehumidification unit to mitigate the humidity issues and lower the dew point in the space to an acceptable level; this solution also provided significant energy savings. Phase 2 included design and implementation of the new dehumidification system. PTA provided detailed drawings and specifications for public bidding and construction. The new dehumidification system included all new duct work and air distribution, a control system and an outdoor freeze-proof concrete pad to accommodate the new unit.

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