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Philips Healthcare

Environmental Clean Room (ECR3)

Project Details

This project consisted of:

  • 6,000 square foot building addition, housing a new Environmental Clean Room (ECR3) integrated into the existing ECR2

  • 3,900 square foot building addition (2-story), housing an Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) System and distribution loop to backfeed existing production area and ISO-classified ECR1, ECR2 and ECR3 spaces

PTA worked with the architect and the business unit's representatives to conceptually lay out the building addition footprint and coordinate clean room features with the design team for optimum space usage. Due to acceleration of a new product line by several years, the design period was significantly reduced in order to meet the aggressive needs of the business unit and their product growth. The total anticipated cost for this project was $10 million.





Reedsville, PA

Research & Laboratory

6,000 SF Addition &

3,900 SF Addition

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