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HVAC Improvements

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Initially, PTA conducted an existing MEP conditions assessment of the facility's Environmental Clean Room (ECR) and overall production area. PTA then provided options and associated budget pricing to upgrade the existing HVAC equipment that was aged, undersized and no longer meeting the needs of the owner. PTA led the design team with a local architect to add right-sized and redundant cooling for the ECR. The building controls system automatically sequences the new 40 ton cooling unit (equipped with variable speed supply fans and digital scroll compressors for improved capacity control) as the primary unit, with the existing unit as secondary/backup to ensure that the proper space pressurization and desired environmental conditions (68°F/45%RH) are met on design day. The project also involved replacement of the existing fluid cooler with an up-sized 282-ton system consisting of VFD-driven dual fan/dual motor configuration and redundant spray pumps to provide the owner some level of redundancy.

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