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Not All Engineers Drive Trains

A group of our engineers recently coordinated and presented about what it means to be an engineer. Imagine Engineering reveals the fascinating world of engineering to second graders and encourages them to work hard in math and science. It is one of several programs that Akron District Chapter of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (ADSPE) is involved. Reading "Not All Engineers Drive Trains" to the 2nd graders and spending time answering their questions is a fun and enlightening interaction with these young impressionable minds. This is a rewarding privilege of being involved with ADSPE.

Due to the covid restrictions all presentations for the students were held virtually, through Google Meet. Bobby Wick, Jared Alexander, and former employee, Madison Morgan, coordinated PTA's involvement by developing a fun PowerPoint presentation. Brian Call, Brian Makan, Adam Spray, Jana Melki, Slavisa Tosanovic, and Nathan Boring helped present to the different classes.

These team members of PTA Engineering spoke to a total of 57 different classes, which comes out to roughly 1,000 second graders. In the presentation, they discussed what an engineer is, what they do, why engineers are important, read the children a story, asked questions to promote participation, and provided a coloring contest at the end.

For the coloring activity, students were asked to draw a picture of engineers working. The top three state-wide winners of the drawing contest will receive different prizes. ADSPE, Johnson Controls, Trane, and the Akron-Canton Chapter of ASHRAE also provided prizes for each student who had the best drawing at each of the 57 classes.


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