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PTA Announces New Principals

PTA Engineering, Inc. is proud to announce the transition of Mike Casseday, P.E. to Principal Emeritus. During his career, Mike excelled in the engineering, design, and management of over 1,500 projects for healthcare, education, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. His wisdom and engineering prowess have benefited our clients, and influenced the past and present electrical engineers at PTA. We are blessed to work with Mike and look forward to his new role at PTA.

The tradition continues! We are also pleased to announce the promotion of a “4th Generation” of engineering leadership. Establishing their careers firmly within PTA Engineering’s mission, these new shareholders are ready to carry out their duties for our clients and their projects. They are well-prepared as servant-leaders caring for the development of our staff, the success of our engagements, and our firm’s mission. I am proud to call them partners!

-Pat Klanac

"I'm excited for the challenge to uphold the tradition of detailed and thoughtful engineering that we were founded on and have delivered for the past seventy years."-Jeff

"In celebrating 70 years of the firm's history this year and the ownership transition, I am most excited about growing/mentoring the next generation of engineers so that PTA can continue providing high quality engineering services for many years to come. Growing up, I was always taught to leave things in better condition than when I got there – that's my goal for PTA." -Matt

"I'm excited to be part of the 4th generation of PTA Engineering leadership and look forward to training the next generation of Electrical Engineers to provide service for our clients and community. We have a good culture, core values, and staff who are integral to our continued success. This is our 70th year of business and that couldn't have been accomplished without the leadership of Jim, Dave, Mike, and Pat who have provided their experience, guidance, and this opportunity." -Jon

"Developing relationships with clients is among the most rewarding parts of my PTA career. The prior PTA leadership empowered me to grow and build these relationships. I look forward to mentoring young engineers by providing similar opportunities to build strong relationships through the quality service that PTA's clients expect and appreciate." -Brian



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